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Photo Brought Back Pleasant Memories

February 1968

Photo Brought Back Pleasant Memories

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Miller, sorting belongings for their removal to Sprotborough when they retire after 25 years at their 83, High Street, Goldthorpe off-license business, found a photo which is sure to evoke memories in the district.

It shows an assembly of Goldthorpe “Old Club” members and officials, including Mr. James Degnan, Mrs. Miller’s father and the club secretary for 35 years. The photo was taken in the club’s 1937 Silver Jubilee Year.

Mr. and Mrs. Miller are lifelong district residents ,and their two former Wath Grammar School student sons are among South Yorkshire’s most successful ones.

Air Commodore John Miller, C.B.E., D.F.C., A.F.C. F.C.A., is now at the Ministry of Defence.

Mr. James Derrick Miller, M. Eng. (Hons.), C. Eng., M. I. Mech. E., A.MI., Prod E., A.M.B.I.M., is Chairman of Birmingham’s Harris and Sheldon Group of companies.

Early next week Mr. and Mrs. Miller, one of Goldthorpe’s best-known couples, will leave.

Mrs. Miller said, “We have had a wonderful time here, and the boys have been wanting us to retire for years. Now we shall take a good long rest and a holiday.”