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An Air of the Banks of the Nile at Goldthorpe

December 1967

South Yorkshire Times, December 2, 1967

Goldthorpe could have an air of the banks of the Nile if a Doncaster joiner and his Goldthorpe girl friend make a hit with their new business.

Mr. Michael Dunley, a joiner by day, is at 46, Doncaster Road, Goldthorpe, each night planning the pet shop he has opened there—and next on his list is the sale of crocodiles.

Mr. Dunley and his girl friend, Miss Susan Townend, of 42, Leslie Road, Goldthorpe, are to be engaged soon. They see the petshop as a thriving  business in a few months’ time.

Miss Townsend’s mother, Mrs. Joan Sedgewick, who is looking after the shop by day, told the “South Yorkshire Times” this week, “We expect to have crocodiles in stock in about a month. I am not worried by the thought of looking after them. Michael has a lot of exotic birds and animals which have always been a big interest to him. He has real hopes for the shop. I am looking after it until Margaret leaves her present job in Leeds.”