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Wigfield Loses Two Trophies.

22 April 1929

Sheffield Independent – Monday 22 April 1929

Wigfield Loses Two Trophies.

George Wigfield was called upon to defend two his trophies, the Haslam Cup and the “Star” Shield and was deprived of both.

In the final of the former , when Wigfield made his appearance, he found the task of giving Platts 12 seconds beyond him. The holder was seen to great advantage in the last lap, but all to no purpose.

In the final of the “Star” Shield Wigfield, was not well away, and Sherlock dashed in front at the start to lead all the way

Beckett’s Sporting Action.

Wigtield had consolation in match events with Beckett, whom beat two races one. In the first. Beckett gave a magnificent display of broadsiding but in the second, when looking assured winner, something went wrong with his machine and Wigfield won very easily.

The Goldthorpe rider kept pace with his more famous opponent for the first two laps, in the third match, but then Beckett forged ahead When half-way round, however, he again experienced trouble with his cycle and was forced to dismount, the judge declared a ”no race” but Beckett sportingly pointed out lo him that as they had covered two laps it must be a race and they had no option but to declare Wigfield the winner.

Wigfield gave his best exhibition riding on this track in his attempt to break the British Mile Record, held by Beckett with 81 3-5 seconds. The Goldthorpe rider flashed round the bends and on the straights but failed to  lower Beckett’s figures, his time being returned as 82 2-5 seconds, a very fine and thrilling performance.