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Whose Liability ? Goldthorpe-Mexborough-Conisbrough Fever Tangle

December 1947

South Yorkshire Times December 20, 1947

Whose Liability ?

Goldthorpe-Mexborough-Conisbrough Fever Tangle

The case of the Goldthorpe child patient transferred from Montagu Hospital, Mexborough, to Conisbrough Isolation Hospital with scarlet fever was discussed at Conishrough on Wednesday by Doncaster and Mexborough Joint hospital Board.

Not Accepted

The Deputy Clerk (Mr. B. Meldrum) reported that he had submitted an account for £17 17s. ld. to Dearne Urban Council in respect a of the maintenance of the patient, but the Dearne authority had replied that they did not accept liability. The child had been admitted from Montagu Hospital to Conisbrough hospital in May and discharged in June suffering from scarlet fever.

Coun. G. S. Morley, J.P. (Mexborough) pointed out that Montagu hospital catered for the whole area, and Mexborough Urban Council could not be responsible for such cases.

Coun. W. H. F. Dixon (Mex-borough) agreed and Coun. Morley explained the Dearne Council were a constituent member of Wath, Swinton and District Hospital Board.

Mr. Meldrum replied that the child was suffering from an infectious disease in one of the constituent areas of the Doncaster and Mexborough Hospital Board, and the Order stated that the area from which a patient was admitted was responsible for the cost of maintenance.

Coun. J. H. White (Mexborough) contended that as a Goldthorpe patient the child should have been admitted to Wath hospital, but it was stated that Wath refused to receive patients from Conisbrough hospital area.

Coun. Morley said Mexborough could not accept responsibility for payment, and it was decided to approach the Dearne authority again.