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Thurnscoe By-Worker’s Death – Three Months After Accident

July 1941

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 19 July 1941

Three Months After Accident

Thurnscoe By-Worker’s Death

A verdict of “Accidental Death ” was recorded by the Doncaster District Coroner (Mr. W. H. Carlile), at an inquest at the Montagu Hospital on Tuesday on a 60 years’ old by-worker, Frederick Marshall, of 19, Co-operative Street. Goldthorpe, who was injured in Hickleton Main Colliery on April 17th while he was giving a workmate a helping hand, and died on Saturday.

The Doncaster Amalgamated Collieries, Ltd., were represented by Mr. J. Dearden (Agent), and Mr. A. S. Furnisa. Mr. W. M. Starkey represented the Yorkshire Mineworkers’ Association. Mr. H. Storey. H.M. Inspector of Mines, was also present.

Alice Marshall, widow, said her husband was taken to the Montagu Hospital after an accident at Hickleton on April 17th following an accident when he received an injury to his right leg. Fifteen stitches were inserted in the wound, and he was discharged from Hospital on April 26th. The wound became worse and he was again sent to Hospital on July 6th. and died on July 12th at 8,30 p.m

John Henry Ogden, 20 Dane Street, Thurnscoe a haulage hand, said he was employed in 279’s unit of the Parkgate Seam of Hickleton Main Colliery. On April 17th at about 12.10 p.m. he was sent to the tension end of the gate belt. To do this he had to release two Sylvesters, and had released one, and was, with Marshall’s assistance releasing the second when the belt moved forward and Marshall was thrown underneath and his leg was trapped. Marshall was extricated and sent to the surface. Witness admitted that Marshall was standing with one foot on the belt and one foot on a box.

Dr. J. G. Mar, resident surgical officer at the Montagu Hospital, said Marshall was admitted on April 17th with a large “J ” shaped laceration on his right leg about a foot long, which exposed the muscle and bone. He was treated at the Hospital and was discharged on April 26th. He made about six visits as an out-patient until May 30th, when he was put in the care of his own doctor. Witness did not see Marshall until July 6th when he was re-admitted and had gangrenous pneumonia. He was in a moribund state. Marshall recovered somewhat, but on July 11th became worse. and died on July 12th from bronchial pneumonia due to gangrene of the right leg, which arose from the laceration in the first place.