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Threw Knife at Dog – Goldthorpe Butcher to Pay Costs

January 1939

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 27, 2019

Threw Knife at Dog

Goldthorpe Butcher to Pay Costs

An admission that he threw a knife and injured a dog, which was stealing meat, so that it had to be destroyed, was made to the Doncaster West Riding Bench on Tuesday by Jack Ganter, butcher, 10, Market Street,, Goldthorpe, who was ordered to pay costs amounting to El 15s. on 1 summons of causing unnecessary suffering to a dog. Announcing the verdict of the Bench, the chairman (Mr. Mark L. Nokes) said. `’We do not think this man had any intention of being cruel to the dog. Anybody would throw something he had in his hand if a dog were stealing his meat.”

The prosecution was brought by Inspector Norman Young, of the R.S.P.C, A., and Mr. W F. Bracewell defended.

Henry G. Greeves and Harry Ellis, both of Rotherham, said they were standing in Goldthorpe market just below the butcher’s shop. They heard a dog yelp and on turning saw a man in a butcher’s apron picking up a knife from the road. They came to the conclusion he had thrown the knife at the dog, which was limping. They did not see the incident.

P.c. Hayward said on- Saturday, December 31st,’ be went to Doncaster Road, Goldthorpe, and saw a crossbred dog lying on the footpath against the wait There was an incised wound about two- inches long behind the left shoulder; it was very deep and the dog could not stand. The dog was destroyed.

Defendant told him. “I threw, the knife, I am sorry now.” After being cautioned Ganter said the dog- had been in the shop several times and he threw the first thing he got hold of. In a statement Ganter said the dog had a 4-lbs. lump of meat and he went towards it to frighten it and make it drop the joint. The knife dropped near the door. The dog had been in his shop several times trying to steal me. If it had been a piece of bone in his hand he would have thrown it, was eight he was a knife stop

Mr Bristol said Ganter was quick-tempered and through the thing he held in his hand