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Sommoned for Damaging Growing Grass

February 1902

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 07 February 1902

Trespassing At Bolton.

Arthur Davis, Samuel Bates, Samuel Marlow, Josiah Bullock, Thomas Jepson, Frederick Jepson, pit-hands, of Barnburgh were summoned by John Jackson, for damaging growing grass at Bolton-on-Dearne on the 20th January.

Mr. W. Baddeley appeared for the complainant, and stated that the whole of the defendants were summoned for wilful damage. In consequence of the great amount of damage done upon Mr. Jackson’s fields owing to persons trespassing, he made complaints to the police and Police-sergeant Johnson and P.-c. Wresnell were watching on the 20th January.

All the men were trespassers and had trespassed to such an extent that they had made quite a road across the field. The men had been warned before, but had not taken any notice of the warnings. and there was nothing for it but to bring them before the court he

Mr. Jackson did not wish to press the case unduly, but he wished to have the practice stopped.

P.-c. Wressell stated that on Monday, the 20th January, in company with Sergeant Johnson, he was watching for trespassers about 5-30 in morning. He saw the defendants and stopped them, and told them that they would be reported. There had been a great amount of damage done by trespassers. P.s. Johnson corroborated.

Mr. Jackson estimated the damage at 6d. each.

The two Jepson’s and Marlow were fined 20/- and the costs and damage, and the other defendants 10/- and costs and damage each.