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Soldier – Wilde J.E. – Training in North Yorkshire

May 1918

Mexborough and Swinton Times, May 11th, 1918

We have received a cheery letter from Gnr. J. E. Wilde, enclosing the photograph below, which includes a number of Goldthorpe and Thurnscoe men now in training in North Yorkshire.

He says: “If there are any mothers whose lads are here (Catterick), tell them not to worry, as we are all cheerful and are hoping to be in at the finish.” He praised the organisation of the camp and its general arrangements.

He says the following is an average specimen of the daily diet,—Breakfast: Porridge, bread and butter, bacon, and tea; dinner: Soup and bread, potatoes, meat and pudding; tea: bread and butter, sausage or jam.

Physical training is doing them a world of, good, and they have-any amount of opportunity for recreation of various kinds.

There are some German prisoners near here ” (Gnr. Wilde says), ” and we have made up our minds to show them what the ‘dirty colliers’ can do, even if we are late in joining up.”

He adds that they would be very grateful to any of our readers who would send them books or other reading matter, old gloves, writing pads, or note-paper, and “little things of that kind.”

We shall be happy to furnish the address to whom they may be sent.