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Soldier – Rennard, Joe – Letter from Iceland

October 1941

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 18 October 1941

Corporal Joe Rennard, of Goldthorpe, now serving in Iceland, has sent us the following letter:—

“Before the war I was constantly in touch with you, and had, on many occasions, to express my (thanks to you for the very generous service which you had rendered me through your columns. This was when I was hon. secretary of Goldthorpe and District Cage Bird Society.

“Once again, I would like to express my appreciation of ‘The South Yorkshire Times,’ but this time from a different point of view, Iceland.

“How many letters have appeared in year columns regarding this island? I believe they would be too numerous to count. I have no wish to cover ground already well covered, but this is no rest camp. News, and plenty of it, is what we require. May I say that from a South Yorkshireman’s point of view, the ‘Times’ certainly gives us what we require. News, sports, and local events are read here, and the ‘Times,’ being passed from one to another, certainly covers a lot of ground.

“The ‘Times’ is posted to me every week from home, and during the whole of my stay here I have only missed three issues. This, I think, speaks very highly of the courage of our seafaring men. I would like to state that even the smallest items are of interest to us out here and that your method of covering local events certainly gives us a very good idea of hew our people at home are carrying on with the good work. The increase in price was only to be expected, if you were to continue with your good work.

In conclusion, may I wish the ‘Times’ every success, and again thank you for services rendered.”

And thank you, Corporal Rennard, for a very cheerful and pleasant letter, says the Editor.