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Soldier – Holliday F. – In Memorium

November 1917

Sheffield Independent – Tuesday 13 November 1917

In ever loving memory of Bombardier F. Holliday, R.F.A., the dearly beloved son of John and Mary Ann Holliday, 1. Hall street. Goldthorpe, killed in action Nov. 13th, 1916.

Days sadness oft steal o’er us,
Tears of silence often flow,
As our thoughts do often wander
To a grave we do not know.
Fold him in Thy arms, O Lord,
And ever let him be
A messenger of love between
Our aching hearts and Thee.
God him eternal rest.

From his sorrowing Dad. Mother, Brothers,

Sisters, and Sisters-in-law.

In loving memory of our dear brother. Bombardier Frank Holliday, killed action Nov. 13th, 1916.

How hard it is part with those
We hold on earth so dear;
The heart no greater trial knows,
No sorrow more severe.

From Arthur, Annie, and Family