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Soldier – Barham S. – Home from Germany

January 1919

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 11, 1919

Home from Germany

Private S Barham, who before enlisting was the manager of Hunters stores, Goldthorpe, has returned home after been a prisoner of war in Germany, and has a graphic story to tell of his experiences.

He had to work in a quarry every day, the shift been 10 ½ hours.

He was given three meals a day, the first being bread only, and the other two vegetable soup, or, as more often seen the case, cabbage water.

They were paid for and ½ Marks per week, about 6d per day.

The slightest disobedience meant severe punishment, and if the prisoners complain of the full Gemma said that it was England fault as their prevented food from reaching Germany.

Private Barham says that the British Navy hit the German people harder than anyone in this country can realise.