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Return of The Native

July 1937

Mexborough and Swinton Times July 16, 1937

Return of The Native

After 12 years absence from her hometown, Mrs Harold Sunderland, daughter of Mr Jasper Degnan, secretary of the Goldthorpe Working men’s Club, has returned from Pascoag, Rhode Island, USA, for a few weeks stay in Goldthorpe.

Mrs Sunderland, who sailed with her husband (a native of Keighley) 17 years ago, came home in 1925, when she brought her five year old daughter. The baby girl has now grown up and is housekeeping for a father and a nine year old brother, while her mother is paying a visit to England.

Mrs Sunderland sailed from New York on the Berengaria and came via Southampton and London.

It was her first visit to London and it was amusing to her to have to come from America to visit the capital of her home country.

She is returning on August 4 on the Queen Mary.