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Removing Portion of Safety Lamp

October 1917

Mexborough and Swinton Times October 27, 1917

A Goldthorpe pit worker, Herbert Priest, was also summoned by the Hickleton Main Colliery Company for removing a portion of the safety lamp while it was in ordinary use.

It was issued to him in proper working order, the top part being locked, and when returned up, no report was made as to anything have happened to it. Shortly afterwards, however, when it was examined it was found the top portion had be removed and the contacts substituted with two brattice nails.

When defendant was seen he said he had lost the contact plugs.

Mr Baddeley said although it was a serious case, for certain reasons they did not wish to pretty unduly.

The man’s father was at the Front, the defendant was the only one working, and there were five children.

A fine of 22 shillings was imposed