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Public House Brawl

January 1907

Sheffield Evening Telegraph January 4, 1907

A Public House Brawl

William Taylor (30), miner, was indicted for unlawfully and maliciously wounding Richard William Meek, at Goldthorpe, on November 3 last.

Mr Cook Yarborough prosecuted.

The prosecutor Meek, dataller, describe how while sitting in a public house, where the prisoner was present, without having any dispute at all, the prisoner struck him on the left temple and cheek with a pint pot, causing serious injury.

Prisoner, on oath, said it was an accident that he was very sorry for. He urged that the prosecutor was drunk and upset the prisoner’s beer over him. There was not enough room in the place for the prosecutor. He (prisoner) was knocked back with the pot in his hand, but he denied striking the prosecutor.

The prison was found guilty, and owing to his previous good character, he was given the option of a fine of 20 shillings, or in default months imprisonment, the Chairman observing that it was evidently the sequel to a public house brawl.