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Prison for Rider – Sequel to Crash Into Pedestrian

March 1938

Sheffield Independent – Wednesday 09 March 1938

Prison for Rider

Sequel to Crash Into Pedestrian

Thomas Lowe (22), colliery fitter, Welfare Avenue, Goldthorpe, was sent to prison for three months at Doncaster, yesterday, for driving a motor cycle dangerously. He was also fined a total of £2 for failing to report an accident and for having no driving licence.

Inspector Redfern said at 5.30 am. On 6 February, Thomas Bamforth. miner Doncaster road. Goldthorpe, was walking along Barnburgh lane in the direction of Barnburgh colliery.

He was accompanied by a friend, and walking so as to meet oncoming traffic. Bamforfh was struck from behind by motor vehicle, and lost consciousness. When recovered, he found he was bleeding profusely from a wound on his nose—which was later found to he fractured—and cut on his eye.

Lowe stayed at the scene of the accident for a short while, and then rode on. He was seen at the police station later, and said had been in the accident.

For the defence, it was submitted that it was an “error of judgment” on Lowe’s part to attempt to pass some on his nearside and that his offside handlebar caught Bamforth in the back.