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Pony Drivers Sent To Prison.

November 1907

Sheffield Evening Telegraph – Saturday 16 November 1907

Pony Drivers Sent To Prison.

At the Doncaster West Riding Police Court today, Reuben and William Ellis, pony drivers, of Goldthorpe, were each sentenced to month’s imprisonment with hard labour, without the option of a fine, for assaulting Samuel Martin, pit corporal, at Hickleton Colliery, on November 9.

One of the defendant, Reuben, had a dispute with the corporal in the pit about a pony, and was ordered out by the deputy.

On the ninth inst when complainant came out of the pit, he was assaulted by defendants, who were waiting for him.

The Chairman, Mr G.B.C.Yarborough, in passing sentence, described it as a very bad case of premeditated assault on colliery premises.

Mr Baddiley prosecuted on behalf of the Colliery Company and Mr Andrews was for defendants.