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Poaching By Motor – Goldthorpe Men Caught.

November 1929

Mexborough and Swinton Times November 15, 1929

Poaching By Motor

Goldthorpe Men Caught.

Ernest Crossley and Henry Williams, miners, of Goldthorpe, were each fined 2Os. at Doncaster on Tuesday for a breach of the Poaching and Prevention Act.

P.c. Childs said that at 8-35 p.m. on October 22nd, he was on duty in Doncaster Road, Goldthorpe, when he saw a motor-car approaching him with defective headlights. The car stopped before it got to him and he went up to it and asked defendants, who were in the car, if they were having trouble  with their lights. He then noticed that the car, bore the identification number of a car which had been reported to him as one which was used for taking poachers in. He therefore asked to search the vehicle and in doing so found in the back seat a rabbit net, a bag and nine wooden pegs. Crossley said it was his property and when cautioned and told that they would be summoned, Crossley said. “I thought you would” and Williams, “I expected it.”

Crossley said that when the constable went to them they were just coming back from Highfields where he had purchased the article from a man called Billy Wood. They were not for himself but for a man he had met at some whippet races preceding Saturday. He had pay 10 shillings for them.

William said that October 22, Crossley went to him and asked if he would take into Highfields to fetch a parcel. He did so and did not know that there were poaching articles in it. He denied that he said “I expected so” when cautioned.

They were fined as stated.