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Picture House Cinema

December 1912


From Cinema Treasures


Located in Goldthorpe, South Yorkshire. Opened as the Hippodrome Theatre on 24th December 1912, two years after the nearby Empire Cinema. Built of brick with a cosy auditorium of circle and stalls, it stood next to the Goldthorpe Hotel, whose owner Mr S. Hamilton had the cinema built. The architect was a Mr A. Whittaker. Seating was for 1,000 – 450 in the circle and 550 in the stalls, although by 1932 seating was said to be for 974.

In December 1914 the cinema was taken over by a Mr J.H. Doyle who renamed it the Picture House on 18th December 1922. A British Accoustic Sound system was installed in 1930. In 1932 it was leased to a Mr E.H. West who also leased the Empire Cinema around this time.

In 1957, it came under the Star Cinema Circuit along with the Empire Cinema. It was fitted out for Cinemascope with “Between Heaven And Hell” being the first ‘scope film screened at the Picture House in July 1955. The last films were a double Walt Disney programme – “101 Dalmatians” and “Kidnapped” shown on 5th January 1963.

Five days later the Picture House became a Star Bingo Club, continuing until the late-1980’s. It was then used as a carpet warehouse. By 2014 it was in use as a hairdresser & beauty salon.