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New Pit at Goldthorpe

July 1909

Barnsley Chronicle July 31, 1909

New Pit at Goldthorpe

The first sod has been cut this week on what will be known as the Goldthorpe Colliery, near Thurnscoe, situate about midway between Barnsley and Doncaster.

The proprietors are Messrs Henry Lodge (Ltd) of the Ryhill Main Collieries, who have leased  what is known as the Shafton seam of coal from Lord Halifax of Hickleton Hall.

Sinking operations will begin immediately, and it is expected that Coal will be reached in a few months time at a depth of about 100 yards. Taking the Hickleton Main Pit, which lies a mile distant, as a guide to this, the Shafton seam is anticipated to be 5 foot thick and of good quality. The same seam is being worked with every success at the Ryhill and Dearne Valley Collieries.

The new Colliery it is calculated will employ from 700 to 1000 hands. There will be a pair of 14 foot shafts, with two cages each, and an output of 1000 tons a day is expected. The owners themselves are carrying out the sinking operations.