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National Honour for Goldthorpe Reform Club.

March 1929

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 04 March 1929

National Honour for Goldthorpe Reform Club.

Goldthorpe Reform Club team are to meet York Irish National League team in the final of the All- England Billiards Championship.

Saturday evening, before good crowd, at the Goldthorpe Club, they beat Luton Social in the second half of the semi-final.

At the start the games on Saturday night Goldthorpe had a lead of 133 for the first half, which had been played Luton. The starting scores were 542 417.

Goldthorpe increased their lead to 236.

J. Brindley, with breaks of 24. 19, 17, 18, 15. and 17, beat L. Wilmott (Luton) 15 (twice) and 11 (twice) by —177

H. Townsley beat A. Whinnett 200 —164. Townsley’s best efforts were 21, 19, 34, and 39 unfinished his opponent’s 22 and 20 (twice).

N. Yates won by 52 from S. Brown. This was the best game of the match, the scores being close to the 140 mark, after which Yates made breaks of 24 and 29 to win. Brown had breaks 14 (twice), 27, 19, 16, and 13. Yates also had breaks of 10, 14. 15, 18, 11 (twice), and 16 (twice).