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National Coal Board New Policy

June 1948

South Yorkshire Times June 5, 1948

National Coal Board New Policy

The North-Eastern division is bringing into operation a policy of decentralisation, and a number of new appointments so provide for the appointment or production managers in each area are expected to-be announced shortly.

During the past few months the Division has been working out details of ‘a new governing structure  which will give greater autonomy to the areas of the Division_and allow area chiefs to make decisions without constant reference to divisional headquarters.

Under the new system- each area will I have a production manager who will be responsible for the output of his 12 pits. The area general manager, who formerly had responsibility ‘for production, we will deal wholly with matters of administration in his area.

Appointments are understood to include:-

Mr: Norman Hulley, formerly of Conisbrough and now of Bessacarr, Deputy Area General Manager number one area Area, to b- production manager for No. 1 Area. Mr. Hulley was  at one time manager of Denaby Main Colliery and later General Manager of Denaby, Cadeby and Maltby collieries under Yorkshire  Amalgamated Collieries, Ltd.-

Mr. Frank Doxey, formerly of Thurnscoe and agent of Hickleton Main Colliery, Deputy Area General Manager, No. 2 Area, to be area  production manager. Mr. Doxey is a one-time -pit lad. .

Mr G.C.Payne, former manager of Barnburgh Main colliery and agent of Manvers Main collieries in pre-nationalisation days, now Deputy area general manager of Barnburgh Main Colliery and Agent of Manvers Main Collieries in -pre-nationalisation :days; now Deputy Area General Manager,

Mr. J. Howatt, agent of Denaby and Cadeby Main Collieries since nationalisation and previous Agent at Silverwood Collier-, to be Deputy area production manager for sub area “A” (Aldwarke, Elsecar, Cortonwood, New Stubbin, Rotherham Main and Silverwood).

Mr E.J. Kimmins, formerly manager of Manvers Main Colliery and now agent of Manvers Main and Kilnhurst Collieries comment to be number three area deputy production manager for sub area “can be” (Barnburgh, Cadeby, Denaby, Kilnhurst, Manvers Main and Wath). Mr Kimmins was last month elected President of the Yorkshire Branch of the National Association of colliery managers.

Mr John Halford (picture), manager of Denaby Main Colliery, has been appointed Agent of Denaby and Cadeby Main Colliery. He went to Cadeby Main Colliery as under manager from Darton and Dinnington Main Collieries and was later appointed manager. Subsequently he became manager of Denaby Main Colliery. He is treasurer of Fullerton Hospital, Denaby, and takes a lively interest in the social work of the district.

Mr J Burton, under manager of the Barnsley and Haigh Moor seams at Denaby Main Colliery, to be manager of the colliery in succession to Mr Halford; and

Mr Thomas Holmes, safety officer at Manvers Main Colliery, to become under manager in the Beamshaw seam at the Cadeby Main Colliery, Conisbrough