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Little Rascals – Goldthorpe Children’s Thefts.

January 1928

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 13, 1928

Little Rascals.

Goldthorpe Children’s Thefts.

Asked what they did with Stolen money, three Goldthorpe boys, aged 8, 9, and 12, and a girl of 11, sister of one of the boys, told the Doncaster police they took a motor ride to Doncaster, went to the “pictures,” and bought ginger beer, fish and sweets, and mineral waters.

The children, who, were charged on Wednesday with stealing £2 11s 1d an 18-carat engagement ring, and a purse, the property of Mrs. Hannah Chambers, of Goldthorpe, said they never saw -the ring, but admitted having the money and purse.

Inspector Wyatt said on the evening of Dec. 30, Mrs. Chambers went shopping with £3 2s. 1d., and her ring in a purse. After purchasing a 10s. postal order, she went to a grocery stores, in which were many adults and children. When about to be served she put her hand in her pocket and found her purse missing.

Information was given to the police, and the girl, when questioned, said she found the purse in the shop, and gave some of the money to her brother. Another boy said he threw away the purse.

Inspector Wyatt said the- father of the boy and girl appeared to have sent his children to the shop for groceries, and as they failed to return when expected, went to find them, but was unsuccessful. When they came home he questioned them, and eventually recovered £2, which he took to the police station.

The ring had not been recovered.

The children said they never saw the ring. and the girl said she found the purse on the shop-floor. One of the boys said the girl called him and another lad to her, and they went to a dark place and were given money.

The children were placed under the Probation Officer for 12 months, and their fathers ordered to pay 5s. each towards the costs. The magistrates said they recognised the act of the father of the boy and girl in returning the money found, and because of that, he would only have to pay 5s. for both his; children. From the money to be paid by the parents Mrs. Chambers would have her loss made good.