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Lady Halifax Entertains School Children

September 1909

Sheffield Independent September 3, 1909

Lady Halifax Entertains School Children

Lady Halifax has treated the schoolchildren of Thurnscoe, Goldthorpe and Hickleton as eagerly anticipated, and the event, favoured by fine weather, prooved more than usually successful on Wednesday and yesterday.

At the charming village of Hickleton, a field, Church Flatts, had been placed at the disposal of the youngsters, who numbered 2,000.

On Wednesday over a thousand from Thurnscoe and Hickleton were entertained, and yesterday the Goldthorpe contingent, some 1,100 in number, had their turn.

There were served with tea under large marquee, the caterer being Mr Oliver of Doncaster and later games and races were indulged in.

Lady Halifax, who was present on both days with other members of the house party, evinced a keen interest in the youngster’s enjoyment.