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Inspector’s “Dupe.” – Solicitor and Trapping of ‘Buses

January 1929

Sheffield Independent – Tuesday 08 January 1929

Inspector’s “Dupe.”

Solicitor and Trapping of ‘Buses

Another case of running a pirate ’bus in Doncaster, came before the magistrates, yesterday.

Arnold L. Stewardson, driver, was summoned for plying for hire without hackney carriage licence, the conductor, Walter Rees, for aiding and abetting, and theowner Francis Stewardson, for permitting the offence.

The defendants all came from Goldthorpe.

Evidence was given by the Hackney Carriage Inspector, Mr. Stamp, and in reply Mr. W. Lindsay Crawford, defending, admitted that he sent a man on the ’bus.

Mr. Crawford: In other words he was your dupe.

The Inspector: If you like to put it that way.

Mr. Crawford pleaded that the driver was not to blame and the owner had dismissed the conductor as he had given repeated instructions about plying for hire in the borough.

Mr. Crawford added that in the last few eases in which he had been concerned the passenger concerned was the dupe the inspector.

Each of the defendants was fined £1.