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Hit And Left. – ‘Bus Bowls Over Motor-Cycle,

January 1928

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 27, 1928

Hit And Left.

‘Bus Bowls Over Motor-Cycle,

Rowland Rollin,of Goldthorpe, was charged at Doncaster on Tuesday with having driven a motor-‘bus dangerously, and with failing to stop after an accident.

James McWalter, a Darfleld miner, said he was driving a motor cycle with a pillion passenger, towards Barnburgh, when a motor ‘bus driven by the defendant, overtook him.

Witness drew into the side of the Toad and slowed down to about 12 miles an hour. The ‘bus did not slacken speed, and was travelling about 40 miles an hour.

The ‘bus cut right across witness and struck his handle bars. The motorcycle was knocked over and witness and his passenger were thrown into the road sustaining slight injuries.

The ‘bus continued its journey without pulling up.

Defendant said he did not know of the collision until told about it some time later.

He was fined £3.