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“Good All-Round Sportsman.”

April 1929

Mexborough and Swinton Times, April 19, 1929

“Good All-Round Sportsman.”

The Rev. E.D. Bowtle, assistant priest at Saint Stephen’s, Newtown Row, Birmingham has been appointed assistant priest in the parish of Goldthorpe in. succession to the Rev. A. H. Howard, what has gone to Boston.

Mr Bowtle will also succeed Mr Howard as Priest in charge of Saint Michael’s, Highgate, Goldthorpe

Goldthorpe. Mr. Bowtle was ordained in 1923, was trained at Chichester theological College, and obtained the degree of Licentiate of Theology at Durham. He has been curate at St. Mary’s and All Saints’, Walsall, and at St. Stephen’s, Newtown Row, Birmingham.

He served in the Army during ing the greater part of the war in the Essex Rifles and in the King’s African rifles.

He is an all-round sportsman, particularly ‘fond of tennis and motor cycling, and interested in football.