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Goldthorpe Story With a Happy Ending

August 1949

South Yorkshire Times August 20, 1949

Goldthorpe Story With a Happy Ending

This is a story with a happy ending. A few days ago Goldthorpe Working Men’s Club went on buses on an outing to Cleethorpes. With them went Ethel and Mary Hartshorne, two sisters, of Pickhills Ave. Goldthorpe. Later in the evening the trippers returned home, but this time Ethel (13) did not accompany them. She missed the bus!

Just as Ethel was deciding to go to the police, a woman approached her and asked her what was wrong. She told Edith that she was a Mexborough woman and, as she had decided to stay in Cleethorpes a little longer instead of returning that night, she gave Ethel her ticket, refusing the 10s. that was offered her in return. Ethel took the ticket, caught the last train, and arrived in Mexborough—just in time to see the last bus leave!

Travellers who had taken care of Ethel on the train put her on a Wath bus and asked the driver to try to catch the last connection to Goldthorpe. The driver managed it and Ethel reached down at 11 o’clock, just after Mary and her other sister Hilda, had returned from seen the police

None of the people who helped her daughter is known to Mrs Hartshorne and although she has already sent them through the “South Yorkshire Times” she would be very grateful if they would communicate with her.