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Goldthorpe Road Smash – Damages of £957

November 1938

Leeds Mercury – Saturday 19 November 1938

Damages of £957
Goldthorpe Road Smash

Damages of £957 were awarded against H. Booth and Sons, New Mill, Huddersfield, owners of a lorry which killed a boy and seriously injured another in an accident at Goldthorpe in July, 1937.

The jury awarded £4OO damages and £22 in respect of expenses already incurred to Henry Taylor, coal miner, Sankey Square, Goldthorpe, in respect of his son, Roy, aged two who was involved in the accident and died next day from his injuries.

They awarded £5OO damages to Albert Burton (4), of Sankey Square, Goldthorpc, who sustained a fracture of the skull, from the effects of which it was stated he was still suffering, and £35 to his father, Albert Ernest Burton, for expenses already incurred.

Judgment was entered for the plaintiffs, with costs.