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Goldthorpe Motorist Fined – Tramcar Passengers Knocked Down.

November 1929

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 08 November 1929

Police Court

Goldthorpe Motorist Fined

Sheffield Tramcar Passengers Knocked Down.

A woman who had to be carried into court on a stretcher gave evidence at Sheffield on Wednesday when Austin Humphries (23), 20, Doncaster Road, Goldthorpe, was charged with having driven a motor-car negligently in a manner dangerous to the public in Infirmary Road, Sheffield, on September 30th.

Evidence was given that two people, Mr. and Mrs. W. Coleman, of Ecclesall Road, were about to board a tramcar at the junction of Watery Street and Infirmary Road when a motor-oat driven by Humphries approached from behind the car at a fast, speed. Without warning, it was stated, the’ motor-car attempted to pass between the car and the footpath with the result that both Mr. and Mrs. Coleman were knocked down, the motor-car travelling on the footpath for a short distance and coming to a stop 30 or 40 yards sway.

Mrs. Coleman had to be taken to the Royal Hospital, having sustained injuries to head and leg. She was brought from the hospital to give evidence.

For the defence. Mr. Harold W. Jackson, of Sheffield, said that Humphries had been driving since 1924 and his licence was clean. Mr and Mrs. Coleman stepped into the rood as defendant was rounding the tramcar, in spite of the fact that he sounded his horn.

He was unfortunately usable to pull up in the short time left to him in order to avoid the accident.

In evidence, Humphries said that after the accident a crowd gathered, and a number of people were very hostile.

He was fined £10.