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Goldthorpe Miner’s Violent End

April 1909

Sheffield independent April 9, 1909

Goldthorpe Miner’s Violent End

Mr D Wightman at the Goldthorpe Institute, yesterday, inquired into the circumstances attending the death of William Deakin (22), miner of 2, Highgate, who was killed in the Hickleton Main mine on Monday.

Deceased’s mate Samuel Thomas said he was working with Deakin at the time of the fatality. Deceased was engaged in chipping off the soft coal, when a ton fell in a whole piece, knocking away the prop which hit him across the neck. Deceased received the full weight of the prop and the coal behind it, and he never spoke again. He was only imprisoned about two minutes.

Inspector Mellors said that probably instantaneous death was caused by the prop, which must have hit the man with the force of a cannonball.

A verdict of “Accidental death” was returned.