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Goldthorpe Gamesters

July 1900

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 27 July 1900

Goldthorpe Gamesters

Albert Syles, John Eddes, William Fudge. Martin Garraghty, William Jordan. Henry Taylor. Charles Sharpe, Rufus Sharpe. Thomas May, John Phipps, Richard Hepworth. George Cartledge, Thomas Eades, John Wm. Pearce. Charles Hollingsworth, Thomas Gallimore, Jeremiah Roebuck, and Thos. Wm. Eades, all pit hands of Goldthorpe, were summoned for gaming with coins by tossing at Goldthorpe on Sunday, the 8th inst.

None of the defendants appeared.

Police-constable Sowray Rated that at 6 p.m. he, with Sergeant Johnson, saw all the defendants gambling in Back lane, Goldthorpe. Thomas May was tossing the money and the others were betting on the results. They watched the defendants for twenty minutes, then someone shouted – Heigh up. Slops!” and they all ran away.—Syles, John Eades, Thomas Fades, the two Sharpes, Pearce, and Hollingworth were each fined 7/6 and the costs, and the other defendants 6/ -and the costs each.