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Goldthorpe Fire.

July 1939

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 07 July 1939

Goldthorpe Fire.

Two Goldthorpe residents and two policemen prevented a fire at Messrs. Brook Hardcastle’s premises in High Street on Wednesday night from having more serious consequences.

Sergt. Glasspool and P.C. Pearson were on duty in High Street when they noticed flames in the front of the shop. They warned Mr. and Mrs. Edward Humphries, who live at the rear of the shop to vacate the premises, and then began to deal with the fire.

With the assistance of Mr. I Clarence Bassinder, of High Street, and Mr. Chas. Potts, of Jackson Street, they switched off the electric current to the shop and then went to the front, where they dealt with the flames with buckets of water.

A door at the rear of the shop was forced and the flames were attacked from the rear and eventually extinguished. When Captain Kelly of the Goldthorpe fire department, arrived he had only to deal with smouldering woodwork.