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Goal-Scoring For Goldthorpe – Teddy Lunness

24 February 1928

Mexborough & Swinton Times, February 24, 1928

Goal-Scoring For Goldthorpe.

One of the outstanding players for Goldthorpe United this season is Teddy Lunness, centre-forward and captain of the, Rawmarsh.. Minor League team. Under his skilful captaincy and still more skilful play, the team hope to win that competition this season for the first time.

Their record to date is: Played 18, won 14, lost 3, drawn 12; 56 goals against 24.

Lunness has scored 23 goals, including three threes and a four. He scored four goals for the senior team on one occasion. He has played- for the club for seven.years—he is now 26—but, though he played regularly when they competed in the Sheffield Association League oompetition, he has never shown such good form as at present.

Several Midland League clubs are watching him. He has, perhaps, one fault: that he is just a little selfish near goal.

Wassell, the centre-forward in the senior team, although he is the club’s leading scorer, has not scored for six weeks and will have to improve soon or he will be losing his place to Lunness.