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Gambling At Barmborough.

July 1900

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 27 July 1900

Gambling At Barmborough.

John Atkins, bricklayer. Thomas Taylor, Charles or William Taylor, pit hands, James Bucknall, glasshand, Arthur Elves. William Cooper, and Charles Moxon, pit hands. Mexborough, were summoned for gaming with coins by tossing at Barlborough on Sunday, the 8th inst.

Police-constable Blenkinsop said he was on duty in plain clothes near Harlington Mill, about 3 o’clock in the afternoon. He was in company with Police-constable Lockwood and Stelling, a gamekeeper, watching for persons who had committed damage to the fences. The whole of the defendants came along and commenced to play at a game called tossing, on the footpath near Harlington Mill Bridge. John Stelling gave corroborative evidence, and said he saw money pass between the defendants.

Atkins, Eyres and Moxon were each fined 7/6 and the costs, and the rest of the defendants had to pay 5/- each and the costs.