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Full Licence for Goldthorpe

February 1909

Sheffield independent February 8, 1909

Full Licence for Goldthorpe

Tom Johnson Snart and Sidney Hamilton each applied for a provisional licence at Goldthorpe Lane Ends.

Mr WM Gichard (Rotherham) represented Snart; Mr F Allen, Hamilton; while Mr W Baddeley opposed on behalf of the licence holders in the township.

Mr Gichard in opening the case for the application said that when an application for a provisional licence was first made in respect of this site the magistrates expressed the opinion that the population of Goldthorpe had not increased sufficiently.

The catch ever said a committee of justices and visit Goldthorpe and they thought the time come when another licence or to be granted in some part of the parish, but the decision rested with the general body of magistrates.

Mr Gichard urged that an application in respect of this site was made 12 years ago by the late Mr Joe Beevers, and the site was in the centre of the township will stop

Mr Alan, on behalf of Hamilton, submitted that this part of the parish was the farthest from the Horse and Groom hotel, the only fully licensed house.

Mr John Williams, a ratepayer, opposed applications on behalf of the Primitive Methodist body, the only Nonconformist sect, he said, in the parish. At the present time he said there were one fully licensed house, two off-licences, and five clubs. If Mr Snart’s application were granted the new public house will be situate between plots of land on which the Primitive Methodist proposed to erect a new place of worship and school room.

Mr Jay Thompson, licensee of the Horse and Groom said that owing to the presence of working men’s club’s house could do more than meet the requirements of the neighbourhood, two rooms being unused.

The justices granted the application of this Hamilton, the licence being for three years, and subject to the house being free. The monopoly value was fixed at eight and £75 – one £75 the first year, and an increase of £25 per annum for each successive year.