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Failing To Register – Club Secretaries Fined

February 1920

Mexborough and Swinton Times February 21, 1920

Failing To Register

Club Secretaries Fined

At Doncaster on Tuesday three club officials were each fined £5 for failing to reregister their clubs as required by the Act.

In the first case, Thomas Williams, Goldthorpe, when seen by Sergt. Sykes and asked why he had not sent in the usual application, said he had sent the fee, 5s. to Mr. Pettifer, the magistrates’ clerk, on Jan. 16th and added that they were under the impression that the form had to be filled in by the officials elected for the present year.

The ballot in their case did not take place until Jan 30. He also said that he got back from Mr. Pettifer forms to fill up, but was informed that he need not register again, and he intended to send for the money back; he added he was sorry, and would fill in the forms immediately and send them off.

Mr. Pettifer: When you received the communication from my office you were informed you had to fill in the forms and return them.

Defendant: I did so after the officials had been elected.

In the meantime you had been selling liquor without a licence. Payment of the fee is not registration. When you open a club you undertake very carious responsibilities, and it is up to you to make yourself acquainted with the rules. You have practically all the privileges of a public house without the liabilities. It is too much trouble for some of you to fill up a form and forward it to the proper quarter.

The Chairman (Mr. J. Dymond) said ignorance was no excuse and he would have to pay £5.

Clarence Dainty, secretary of the Cosy Club, Mexboro’, was summoned for a like offence. When he was seen by Sergt. Blyth the defendant said the papers were already filled in for sending off, and that he was not aware that It was such an important matter. He was ignorant of the requirements. The defendant said he had served five years in the Army and did not accept office until last September.— He was fined £5.

In the case of James Parker, Conisboro’ Mr. Spencer Baker said he was instructed by the committee to plead guilty, and the only explanation he could offer was that the defendant had only occupied the office a few weeks, and was quite ignorant of the law on the matter. It was a new club, and was only registered for the first time on Feb. 4 last year. The defendant looked up the records, and noting this, thought it ran for twelve months, and did not trouble until the 3rd Feb., when he sent in the necessary forms. The club was a very respectable one, and practically the whole of the officers were ex-service men. The defendant was a Military Medallist. He asked the bench to deal leniently with him.

Mr. Pettifer pointed out that the defendant had rendered himself liable to a month’s hard labour, and every member to a fine of £5. As it was he was simply charged with a technical offence.

The Chairman-said they could not make any difference, and he would have to pay £5