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Don and Dearne Valley Directory

January 1892

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 1, 1892


Parish Church.—Sunday afternoon at 2-30: minister, Rev. E. P. Spooner sexton, Mr. W. Pashley; churchwarden. Mr. A. Mawson.

School Board – Chairman, Mr. J. Thomson: vice-chairman, Mr. Humphrey; members, Messrs. Barber, G. Gosling and A. Mawson; clerk, Mr. J. Batty.



Parish Church (S. Peter’s)—Vicar. Rev. G. E. Cole, M.A.; clerk and sexton, Mr. H. Bagshaw; churchwardens, Messrs. Parkin and HelliwelL

Primitive Methodist Chapel, Chapel lane; preachers, various.

The Overseers are Messrs. H. Helliwell and H. Winks; Waywarden, Mr. H. Helliwell; Postmaster. Mr. T. Davy.

School Board —Members. Rev. G. E. Cole (chairman), R. Helliwell (vice-chairman), T Tyas, W. Richardson, and S. Kent ; clerk, Mr. J. Batty; treasurer. Sheffield Banking Company; schoolmaster, Mr. H. Dorsey; sewing mistress, Mrs. Dorsey.



Parish Church —Vicar, Rev. E. P. Spooner; organist, Mr. Dickinson; clerk and sexton, Mr. R. Jackson; churchwardens, Messrs. J. Mitchell and G. Longley.

School Board.—Members. Messrs. G. Whitlam (chairman), J. E. White (vice-chairman), Wigfield, J. Dickinson, and J. B. Banally ; clerk, Mr. J. Batty ; teachers, (mixed school), head master. Mr. Thos. Washington: assistants, Mr. G. H. Holden and Miss Harold pupil teacher, Mr. Tom Dickinson. Infants’ school: head mistress, Miss McCoy.


Brampton Bierlow (West Melton)

Places of worship – Parish Church (Christ Church): vicar, Rev. John Cheesman, I.L.D.; churchwardens. Mr. J. B. Wigfield and Mr. J. Pepper.—Independent Chapel: minister, Rev. W. J. Cooksley.—Primitive Methodist Chapel. — Wesleyan

Postmaster; Money Order and Savings’ Bank Office; Letters at 7-40 p.m.

Brampton Bierlow Endowed Schools (Mixed Schools).—Head Master, Mr. S. E. Swiss; assistant teachers. Mr. S: Lancashire, Miss Hobson, Miss Swiss, Miss Perks, Miss Thompson, Miss Crosby ; pupil teacher, Miss L. Gawtress.—Infants’ Schools head mistress. Mrs. Rogers; assistant, Miss L. Lancashire pupil teacher, Miss Florence K. Salts; monitress, Miss Rotheray.

Corton Wood Colliery Infants School (Brampton Bierlow.) Head teacher, Miss Agnes Lancashire; assistant. Miss Dawson.



Places of Worship: Parish Church (St. Peter’s): vicar, Rev. J. G. Wood organist, Mr. White.—Primitive Methodist Chapel: ministers, Rev. J. Gair, and others.—Wesleyan Chapel: minister, Rev. W. C. Williams; organist, Mr. J. K. Bateson.

School Board.—Messrs. C. Kilner (chairman), G. Walker (vice-chairman). J. Marsh, B. G. Dufton and W. H. Chambers ; head master, boys’ department, Mr. W. Smith ; head mistress, girls’ department, Miss Dyer; infants’ department. Miss Leathley; attendance officer. Mr. W. Wilson; clerk. Mr. G. Harrison. Meetings, first Thursday In each month.

Population at last census, 4,997; population 1881, 2,900.

Burial Board.—Rev. J. G. Wood (chairman), and Messrs. C. Kilner, W. H. Chambers, G. Walker. J.P., B. J. Clarkson, C. Holmes, and J. Blyth; clerk, Mr. F. E. Nicholson.



In Mexborough Parish, contains 1053 acres, and had in 1891, 1,708 inhabitants

Charles North Fullerton Esq., is the sole owner. Thee chief industries are the Colliery at which 1500 hands are employed ; Messrs. Meggitt’s Bone Works ; and the Flameless Explosives Works.

Denaby Main Institute. – President, Ed. Pope, Esq.

Derby Main Wesleyan Chapel. Organist, Miss Clara Soar and Miss E. Rose.

Schools – Denaby Church School, Head Mistress, Mrs. Kaye. Denaby Main School, Head Master, Mr. Hoyle; assistants, Mr. Forrest, Mr. Beardsley, Miss Fast Miss Gamble, Miss Hundorf.



In Swinton township, is an improving village, having among its industries, pottery and glass works. In 1881 the population numbered 2,029 inhabitants.

The Church (St Thomas) was erected at a cost of £1,400 by Earl Fitzwilliam in 1858–9 and is endowed by the noble founder with £205 a year. A National School was built in 1872 at a cost of £1000.

The Primitives. Wesleyans and Free Church have a chapel here. A Co-operative Stores, with hall for public purposes, has been built.

Parish Church (S. Thomas’s)—Churchwardens, J. Jones and Glasby; organist, Mr. Glasby.

Schools —Board Schools (mixed): Head master, Mr. J. Gibson; assistant. Mr. H. Smith, Miss Heward, Miss Saxton, and Miss Riley; pupil teachers. Miss A. Phillips, and Master F. Goodwin. Infant department: head mistress. Miss Scarth; assistant mistress, Miss Myers. National Schools (boys): head Marston, Mr. Kettle; head mistress (infants), Miss Jacklin.

Co-operative Society —President, T. Whitfield; treasurer, W. Shirley secretary, C. Adams; assistant secretary, Thos. Palfreyman ; auditors, F. Sibrey and Bentham; committee, Messrs. W. Phillips, E. Taylor, W. Abbott, J. Saxton, J. Lamb, and Arthur Hartley : store-keeper, T. H. Treece.




Large and rapidly -improving parish in the lower division of the Wapentake of Strafforth and Tickhill

The parish, which is in the Doncaster Union, includes the townships of Mexborough, Denaby and part of that of Swinton, contains 2866 acres, and had 5011 inhabitants in 1871. The census returns of 1891 gave the population as 7,677. Mexborough Township contains 1,056 acres, and had 43,311 inhabitants in 1881. The gross annual rental is £28,720 2s. 4d.; and the rateable value £24,278 11s. 4d. Andrew F. W. Montagu, Esq. and the Earl of Mexborough are the principal owners.

Montagu Cottage Hospital – Lady Patroness, Mrs. J. Montagu. Melton Park; Trustees under Deed, James Montagu, Esq. Melton Park, W. Sykes, Esq., F.S.A. (Mexboro’); Financial Trustees, Alex. Barron, Esq., John W. Hattersley, Esq. E. Waddington. Esq.; Medical Staff: Drs. C. S. Blythman, C. F. Burton, W. M. Burman, F. J. Burman, E. English, R. Hills, W. M. Jones, A. McCall, W. Sykes. F. G. Twigg: Chairman of Committee. H. E. Liversidge, Mexboro’; Honorary Treasurer, G. White, C.E., Mexboro’; Honorary secretary. Jno. Clark, 7, Crossland Street, Swinton.

Local Board —Messrs W T Tiptaft (Chairman), Edgar Barron, J.E.Cliff, J Bullock, N Mawson, J Dykes, W Allison, J. Gothwaite, J. H. Watson. J. Dodsworth, C. Scorah, J. Hewitt; Clerk, Mr J W Hattersley, High Street, Mexboro’ ; Surveyor and Sanitary Inspector, Mr Humphries; Medical Officer, Dr Twigg; Market Toll Collector, Mr J C Fletcher ; Market Keeper, Mr Templeman. Meeting night, first Wednesday in each month, at 6 p.m.

The Water Company was incorporated May 31st, 1887; capital £10,000 in £10 shares. Secretary, Mr T Schofield.

Overseers and Guardians — Overseers of the Poor, Messrs T Schofield and E S Waddington; Assistant Overseer, Mr. H. Liversidge; Guardians, Messrs T Schofield and H Stenton.

School Board —Offices, Dolcliffe Road. Chairman, Rev. H. Ellershaw; Vice-Chairman, Mr. H Tyas; Messrs J E Cliff, H Liversidge. J Dixon, and Gothwaite; Clerk, Mr W/ P. Holmes; Attendance Officer, Mr V Lockwood. Meetings last Wednesday but one in each month, at 6.30 p.m.

Burial Board —Rev H Ellershaw, Chairman ; Rev J Gair, Messrs E Waddington, J Dykes, J Dixon, Alex Barren, J E Cliff, W Batty, C Briggs; Sexton and Cemetery Keeper. Mr Wm Lovatt; Clerk, Mr J Hives. Meetings quarterly.

Sheffield Banking Company (Mexboro’ Branch) – Open daily from 10 to 4, Saturdays from 10 to 1 o’clock. Manager. Mr Drabble

York City and County Bank (Mexborough Branch) –Open daily from 10.30 to 4. Saturdays 10 to 1 o’clock. Manager. Mr Dawes.

Mexborough Co-operative Society – Chairman. Mr T Cooper; Treasurer, Mr A Barron; Secretary, Mr J. Gothwaite; Manager, Mr R Lindley.

Post Office —Chief Office, 1, Market Street; Postmaster, Mr J W Ainley; Postmen, Mr M Smith, Mr G W Middleton. Mr I W Chipp. Mr G W Hibbert and Mr Cutts (Thurnscoe). Letter box closed at 9-20 a.m., 11-80 a.m., 5-50 p.m., 7-55 p.m. and 9.25 p.m., on week-days, and 2-55 p.m. on Sundays. There are three deliveries daily (Sundays excepted), but letters may be had from 9 to 10 a.m. on Sundays on application. Branch Office, High Street; Postmaster, Mr. W. Turner. Letter box closed at 9-20 a.m. 11.25 a.m., 5.30 and 7.55 p.m. daily. No despatch on Sundays.

Public Schools—National School (mixed) Headmaster, Mr. Perkins; mistress, Miss Tandy—Central Board School (mixed department) Head-master, Mr. W. Crompton; assistants, Mr. A. Brown, Miss C. Muller, and Miss Stevens ; pupil teachers, Miss J Robinson and Miss E Pickering—Central Board School (infant department),Head-mistress, Miss K Whiteley ; pupil teacher Miss E Allen monitress. Miss J Sharpe—Garden street Board School (mixed) master, Mr W R Hudson; assistant-masters. Mr A Bannister and Mr A Beal ; assistant-mistresses, Miss L Allen., Miss Jackson, Miss Clamp; pupil teacher, Miss Hatton ; monitress. Miss Jenkinson—Garden street Board School (infants) Head-mistress, Miss Stringer; assistant-mistress, Miss F Holmes; pupil teachers, Miss M Tyas, Miss J Tyas, and Miss L Fearn—Doncaster Road Board School (infants) Head-mistress, Miss A McRae ; assistant-mistresses, Miss SA Sharp and Miss C Chambers; pupil teachers, Miss E Tyas and Miss M Wood.

Places of Worship.—Parish Church (St. John Baptist), Church street, the Rev. H. Ellershaw, vicar; churchwardens, Messrs. E. Waddington and E. T. Smith ; sexton. Mr. W. Lovett; organist. Mr. Perkins.—Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, High street; Ministers, Rev. J. Bacon, Wath-on-Dome ; Rev. Oswald Welch, Rawmarsh ; Rev. J. W. Smith, Hoyland ; and local preachers.—Primitive Methodist Chapel, High street ; organist, Mrs. Holmes ; minister. Rev. J. Gair, 78, Dolcliffe Road, Mexborough; and local preachers.—Methodist Reform Chapel (Mount Zion), High street; ministers. ‘various.—Congregational Church, Garden street; organist, Mr. Nixon.—United Methodist Free Church, Doncaster road; ministers various, and local preachers – Denaby Mission Church and School; Mission Church, Curate-in-charge, Rev. Mr. Butler.

Medical and Other Offices in the District – Dr. Twigg. Mexboro’; Dr. English, Mexboro’; Dr. C. S. Blythman, Swinton ; Dr. W. Burman, Wath ; Dr. Jones, Wath ; Dr. McCall, Conisboro’ ; Dr. Cheeswright, Parkgate ; Dr. Picken, Parkgate; Dr. J. N. Millar, Wombwell. Vaccination Officer, Dr. Twigg. Mexboro’. Registrars for Births and Deaths—For Mexboro’, Mr. Green, Bolton-on-Dearne; for Conisboro’ district, Mr. G. Downs, Balby; for Swinton, Wath and district, Mr. A. E. Foers, High street, Rotherham ; for Wombwell, Mr. E. Watson, Darfield ; for Rawmarsh, Mr. John Lund, Masboro’.

Prudent Assurance Co – Local Agents (Mexborough district).—W. H. Lacy, High street, Mexboro’; C. Phillipson, 91, William street, Swinton; J. Taylor, 8, Claremont terrace, Conisboro’; A. Hammerton. 95, High street, Mexboro’; A. Cox. 46, William Street, Swinton; T. Piggford, 3, Helena Street,

Mexboro’; J. R. Caven, 18, High street, Mexboro’; W. P. Holmes, Albert place Dolcliffe road, Mexboro’; M Wood, 28, Doncaster road, Mexboro’; G. F. Newbert, 1, Hall Gate, Mexboro’. Assistant-superintendent. J. F. Casson, 4, Albert place, Dolcliffe road, Mexboro’, district superintendent, Thos. Cartwright, 3, Compton Chambers, Effingham street, Rotherham.



The area of the township is 1387A. 1R.2.5P., and the rateable value £30.059 14s. 6d. Gross estimated rental £36,803 7s. 2d. Population in April last, 9,697.

Places of Worship —Parish Church (St. Margaret’s), Rev. John Lovett, M.A., vicar, The Vicarage; Rev. A. H. Duxbury, B.A., curate, residence: Canal House, Swinton Bridge; clerk. J. Emmerson; churchwardens, Messrs. Harding and Baxter: organist, Mr. F. Hurling. – Wesleyan Chapels. Station Street and Roman Terrace.—Congregational Church. — Roman Terrace and Bridge Street Primitive Methodist Churches.—Swinton Mission Church (Swinton Board School) Piccadilly Preaching Room. — Ebenezer Wesleyan Reform Chapel, Fitzwilliam Street.

Swinton and Mexborough Gas Light Company – Directors. Messrs. Allan Hick and T. Clarke, Wath; W. Wilkinson, Harry Wilson, and Varah Lockwood; secretary, Mr. R. H. Holland; collector, Mr. E. Steel.

Local Board.—Messrs. E. Jagger (chairman), J. Wilkinson. T. Hattersley, W. H, Barton, J. White, L. Charlesworth, N. Nobles, C. W. Organ, John Sharldey, J. A. Bower, T. Dutchman, and C. Hattersley ; medical officer, Dr. Jones; clerk, Mr. F. L. Harrop ; surveyor and inspector, Mr G. J. Monson; collector, Mr. G. R. Rawlin. Meetings, last Friday in the month.

School Board.—Messrs. J. A. Bower (chairman), H. Monition. (vice-chairman), J. Emery, J. Lumb, Whitfield, W. Abbott, J. Saxton, and W. Baker ; clerk and attendance officer, Mr. T. E. Bond. Meetings, third Tuesday in the mouth.

Post Office – Postmaster, Mr. W. Turner. Swinton Bridge Office: postmistress, Mrs. Rich.

Schools – National school: master, Mr. T. G. Baker; assistant, Mr. Harrison Infant School: Miss Davis. Bridge Board School: head master (boys), Mr. C. W. Fretwell; assistant masters. Mr. Jas. Hives, Mr. Walker. Mr. Pedley and Mr. Jenkins: Bridge Board School (Infants): head mistress, Miss Clayton; assistant mistresses Miss Hague and Miss Stones: (girls), Miss Pearson. Roman Terrace Board: head master (boys), Mr. Cutland; assistant master, Mr. Law; head mistress (girls), MRS Haigh; assistant mistresses. Miss Carrol, Miss Dobson and Miss Barron ; head mistress (infants), Miss Gladwin ; assistant-mistresses, Miss Willis, Miss Terry and Miss Goodwin.


Wath- Upon-Dearne.

Places of Worship: Parish Church (All Saints): Vicar and rural dean, Rev. H. Partington, M.A., J.P.; curates, Rev. R. Lincey. Rev, J. Wilkins; organist Mr. G. M. Coates; churchwardens, Mr. P. N. Wardell, and Mr. S. Whitworth. — Roman Catholic, Church: Rev. C. J. Locke, presbyter; organist Mr. A. J. L. Smith.—Watt Wesleyan Chapel, Chapel street: Wath Circuit Ministers, Revs. J. Bacon (Wath). J. W. Smith (Hoyland), Oswald Welch (Rawmarsh); circuit stewards, Mr. A. Sharpley (Parkgate), and Mr. T. Heath (Hoyland); circuit chapel secretary, Mr. A. Hick.—Primitive Methodist Chapel, West street: preachers, various.

Local Boards – Messrs. H. Whitworth (chairman), W. M. Jones. P. J. Burman, T. Clerk, Hy. Payne, M.D., L. Thompson. W. Hallat, J. B. Wigfield, W. Robinson; clerks, Messrs. Saunders and Co. Wath ; treasurers, Barnsley Banking Company ; collector, Mr. Elijah Lineham, Wath ; surveyor. Mr. John F. Bamforth, Wath; sanitary inspector, Mr. Henry Thorns, Wath; medical officer, Dr. W. M. Burman, Wath. Meetings first Tuesday in the month.

Choral Society Conductor, Mr. G. M. Coates

Government Veterinary Inspector—M. Stone, M.B.C.V.S.

Guardians of the Poor.—For Wath, Mr. S. Whitworth; Brampton, Doctor Payne. Assistant Overseers: For Wath, Mr E Lineham; Brampton, Mr J.B. Wigfield,

2nd Battalion York and Lancaster Regiment of Volunteers, G (Wath) Company – Officers: Major Johnson, J.P., Tickhill ; Captain Mitchell, West Ville, West Melton ; Drill Instructor, Sergeant John Matson, Chapel Street, Wath.



Dearne Valley Water Company —President, Mr W .J. Sykes, Hoyland; secretary, Mr John Robinson; engineers, Messrs. Joseph and Thomas Mitchell; inspector and collector, Thomas Johnson, jun.

Places of Worship (St. Mary’s Church.)—Rector, Rev. A. E. Flaxman; curate, Kev. J. J. Evans; wardens, Dr. C. W. S. Seaborne and Mr. J. Oxley ; sidesmen, Messrs. S. Rowbottom and Henry Morritt ; licensed lay reader, Mr. R. Raywood.—St. George’s Church, used as a Chapel of Ease to St. Mary’s ; wardens, Messrs. G. Young and J. C. Pearson ; sidesmen, Messrs. W. Allott and H. Parr.—Wesleyan Chapel.—Congregational Church : minister. Rev. G. Hadfield. – Wesleyan Reform Chanel.—Primitive Methodist Chapel— Methodist Free Church.

Local Board —Chairman, Joseph Mitchell, Esq.: other members, Messrs. John Blackburn, George Brooke. Fredk. C. Boocock, Benjamin Hobson, William Gray. John Elliott, T. Thornsby, junior, and T. W. H. Mitchell; clerk. Inspector, and collector. Mr. John Robinson: medical officer of health. Dr. J. N. Miller; treasurer, G. G. Murray. Esq., London and Yorkshire Bank, Barnsley; assistant surveyor and market toll collector. Mr. Thos. Johnson tap inspector. Mr. Fredk. Saville; foreman at gas works, Mr. James Lisle: canal boat inspector. Mr James A. Layer.

The rateable value of Wombwell amounts to £45,232, and the gross rental £55.3:48. The census returns of April last gives the population at 11,086

Bankers – London and Yorkshire Bank, Barnsley.

School Board – Chairman. Rev. George Hadfield; vice-chairman. Mr. Wm. Gargin; other members. Messrs. F. C. Boocock, J. Wrigley, T. Payling. C. Taylor and J. Oxley; clerk. Mr. John Robinson; school warden. Mr. C. K. Clarke; treasurer, Mr. C. Methley. Barnsley Bank: Mr. M. Washington, master, boys’ department Miss A. Wharam, mistress girls’ department; Miss Jackson, mistress infants’ department: Mr. M. Washington, master evening classes and teacher of science classes.—Teacher at Broomhill Board School, Mr. J. Greenwood, master, – Teachers at Jump Board School, Mr. W. Allott. Master mixed department: Miss M. Meacock, mistress infants’ department Mr. W. Allott, master mixed department: Miss M Meek, mistress, infants department; Mr W Allott, master, evening school, and teacher of science class.

Yorkshire Penny Bank, held in the National School, on Monday evening, manages, Messrs Kingston, J Johnson and GH Thomson.

Reform Club —President, Rev. Geo. Hadfield vice-presidents, Messrs. J. G. Berry, T. Holmes, and H Weale; financial secretary. Mr. G. Stevenson; committee, Messrs. W. Bate, J. Mitchell, H. Sykes, E. Ramsden, J.H. Blacker, G. Hyde, Isaiah Lees, G. Cane, J. Haynes, S. Knight, T. Thornsby, J. A. Brittain, G. Sykes, and G. Pashley ; treasurer. Mr. W. Holdsworth: auditors. Messrs. J. H. Blacker and T. Lees.

Conservative Club – President. Dr. J. N. Millar; brilliance. Messrs. J. Mitchell. J. Blackburn. J. Brown. H. Garland, and J. Bushby; secretary, Mr. W. Kingston: treasurer. Mr. J. Robinson; central committee, Messrs. Millar, Robinson and Sedgwick; local committee. Messrs. Green, Broadbent, Charlesworth, Tabor, Robinson, Washington, Dyson, Walton, T Foulstone, J Foulstone, Rowbottom, T.Taylor, Thompson, G Stenton and J Jenkinson

Liberal Association – Present, Reverend G Hadfield; secretary, Mr JH Blacker; executive committee, Messrs F.C. Boocock, W Holdsworth, G Sykes and 28 members of the Liberal 200.