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Destructive Fire

March 1928

South Yorkshire Times March 2, 1928

Destructive Fire

There was an alarming outbreak of fire last Friday morning on the premises of Mr. J. Dunkley, wholesale and retail tobacconist, Barnsley Road, Goldthorpe.

The premises are part of the Empire Theatre buildings, and the outbreak was discovered shortly before one o’clock on Friday morning by the police. Thirty minutes earlier there was no sign of fire but when it was discovered, the place was well alight. The police rendered valuable service on the spot in limiting the spread of the fire, but the entire stock of the shop was destroyed and the damage is estimated at about £1,000.

The cause of the outbreak is not at present known. The fire alarm on this occasion refused to act, but the police aroused Mr. S. West, a member of the theatre staff, who obtained extinguishers from the theatre. One fireman was brought to the spot, and with the help of the police managed to keep the fire from the rest of the building. After nearly two hours’ strenuous work the fire was extinguished.

The whole of the damage is covered by insurance. But for the timely discovery of the police and their prompt action there can be little doubt that the whole of the block would have been destroyed. Police-constable Roper, who way very active in dealing with the outbreak suffered some slight injury.

Messrs. Dunkley’s business is temporarily being carried on in neighbouring premises.