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Cup Winning Team from Goldthorpe

March 1967

South Yorkshire Times, March 25, 1967

Cup Winning Team from Goldthorpe

Mr Albert Butler of 31 Washington Road, Goldthorpe, provided this picture of the very successful 1926-27 Goldthorpe United “Comrades” side. It won that season the Mexborough Montagu Cup, the Mexborough League Cup, the Mexborough Subsidiary League Cup and the Hemsworth Charity Cup.

The Hemsworth Charity Cup committee were suspended ‘sine die’ from the Doncaster Associatuin fior failing to provide medals for the winners.

Players, from left to right along the top and from right to left along the bottom, were:

Fred Jefferson, deceased, who played for Huddersfield Town during the First World War; George Edmonds, Sam Haddington, captain; “Claver” Wilcox, killed in the Bentley pit explosion of 1929; Albert Butler who scored 10 out of 10 penalties that season and was the only man to play in all 52 matches; Harry Hardwick; Levi Finney; Ned Dale; “Pop” Netherwood; Len Shaw; Herbert Goodman; “Tumbledown Teddy” Lunn and Sid Chivers