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County Council Election

April 1907

South Yorkshire Times April 6, 1907

Mr. John Robert Bakewell, of Goldthorpe, will, in all probability, be a candidate for the West Riding County Council at the forthcoming election.

As he is only eligible for the Wath Division, he would have to oppose Mr. J. H. Kelley, the present member, who retires by rota this year, and will seek re-election.

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Mr Bakewell was elected a member of the Bolton Urban District Council twelve months ago, and the value placed on his services may be gauged by the fact that he is a member of every committee, and or the Wath Joint Hospital Board and the Bolton Education Sub-Committee.

He is also one of the managers of the schools in Goldthorpe part of the parish.

During the whole of the time he has served on these bodies, he has not missed one meeting. Mr. Bakewell has resided at Goldthorpe eleven years—nearly as long as the  place has existed—and has built up a successful business known as the London Tea and Drapery Company.

He is well known and highly respected in a large portion of the division, and has a reputation for sound business capacity. He has nomination papers signed readly for sending in when the noties of the election are issued on the 12th, and if .be come forward as a candidate, he says he will fight to the finish, whatever the result may be.