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Coronation Draw

April 1937

Mexborough and Swinton Times April 23, 1937

Mr L R Honeywell, secretary of the Manvers Main Colliery Ltd, preparing the drum for the draw for Coronation seats provided for their employees by the Company.

Others in the picture are (left to right): Admiral Sir T Spencer Lyne, Mr PH Lloyd (general manager), Mr T Critchley (secretary of the members Y.M.A. Branch)

On Mr Honey well’s left is Commander H.H.G. Begbie, newly appointed sports and welfare officer to the Company.

Over 4000 employees of the Manvers Main Colliery Ltd on Wednesday had a 400 to one chance of winning a seat for the Coronation of May 12. Three seats have gone to Manvers Main Colliers, 3 to Barnburgh, two to the farms and office staff, two to coke ovens, brick and watery workers.

The tickets were bought by the company and it was announced last Friday morning that they will be allotted as stated and that a draw on sweepstake lines will take place. The event took place in the Board Room on Wednesday afternoon before representatives of the employees, and a running commentary on the luck of the spinning drums was broadcast to a crowd of work men in the Barnburgh pit yard by Admiral Sir Thomas Spence Lyne, honorary sports and welfare adviser.

An outstanding feature was a winning of the ticket by one the girls typist, Miss HS Perry of Liverpool, who joined the staff only three weeks ago. Those in the Board Room were enjoying the piquancy of her success when a message came from Miss Perry that she thought it unfair to accept the ticket in view of her short term of service in the office. This sporting gesture caused the drum to be spun again, and amid applause another girl’s name was drawn. This time the lucky one was Miss Stella Downes, of Milford Dene, Racecourse Road, Swinton, who has been on the staff for more than three years.

A “Times” representative afterwards talked to both. Miss Perry told him how she had received the news of her luck while at her typewriter, and added that she had no hesitation in offering to withdraw. Not, she made it clear, because she did not eagerly want to see the Coronation. On the contrary, she would have loved to have been there. But …… and shyly Miss Perry refused to say any more about sportsmanship, except that she was glad another girl had won the ticket.

Mr Downes expressed her admiration of Miss Perry’s actions, and said she was looking forward to a day in London. And then she went back to a telephone board.

Mr P H Lloyd the general manager of the company on behalf of the directors expressed the hope that the winner have a very enjoyable outing, and introduced Admiral Sir Thomas Spence Lyne.

With the good humour that legend associated with the senior service, Admiral Sir Thomas Spence Lyne introduced himself over the microphone.

“Hello boys,” he said, “this is the Navy speaking. I am sorry that those of you who were successful in the draw cannot take your sweethearts and wives with you. Perhaps that will come another time.” He then gave an order from the bridge that the Barnburgh drum was to be filled and spun.

The tickets were placed in the drum by secretary of the company, Mr LR Honeywell.

The results were:


391 G Poole, 32 Chapel St, Mexborough

1088 A Smeaton, 39 Straight Lane, Goldthorpe

780 I Teasdale, 20, the Crescent, Bolton

Manvers Main

439 W Bailey, 35 Wortley Ave, Swinton

696 F Nuttall 4 Wharf St, Swinton

583 TR Greaves 52 Slade Rd, Swinton

Staff Farms etc.

RM Johnson, Old Post Office, High Street, Conisbrough

Miss Stella Downes, Milford Dene, Racecourse Rd, Swinton

Coke Ovens, Washery and brick workers

F Mallinson 53 Vicky Rd, Wath

A Nicholls 52 Park Rd Wath