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Billiards – Fine Play by Goldthorpe Amateur – 283 Five Innings.

March 1928

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Saturday 31 March 1928

Fine Play by Goldthorpe Amateur.
283 Five Innings.

Some remarkably fine play a splendid struggle marked the first half of the final of the Sheffield and District Amateur- Championship, between H. Townsley (Goldthorpe) and N. H. Yates (Thurnscoe), at the Cutlers’ Hall, Sheffield, yesterday. The best play of all was reserved for the closing stages of the evening session. Townsley, well over 100 behind, scored 283 in his last six innings (one unfinished), the Goldthorpe man thus having an average of 55 for that period, finished up leading by 115- Yates was first to settle down in the afternoon, and means of breaks of 26, 25, and 23, soon had a lead of just over 100. Townsley, after a few small items, strung together a neat 40. Then, in successive visits, he had breaks 27, a brilliant 65, and 58, and took the lead.

After this the lead changed hands five times, Yates going ahead with and Townsley with 1?. A little late’ Yates was in front with a 53 break, supported by 19. Townsley settled down once more, and breaks of 20 and 49 gave him a lead of 30. Another effort of from Yates took him ahead, and shortly afterwards potted the white to reach his points, leaving Townsley to fare a double baulk at the resumption.

Interval scores: N. H. Yates 400, H. Townsley 373

Both men opened very shakily at night, but, after being heavily outpointed, Townsley came with a rush to take the lead. At one point Yates lead was well over 100, making Breaks 37, 45, 29, 27, and 48. Townsley commenced his profitable period with a break of 44, failing at a difficult cannon, followed this with 30, and then made 51, never being in difficulties. His next effort, a break of 71, the highest of the final, gave him the lead. The points were obtained by good all round play, and the shot which proved downfall was a forcing white loser from hand. At the close he was in play with 59 unfinished.

Closing scores: H. Townsley (Goldthorpe) 800 N. H. Yates (Thurnscoe) 685