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Barnburgh Musician’s Success.

September 1929

Mexborough and Swinton Times September 27, 1929

Barnburgh Musician’s Success.

At the recent examination at the Royal Academy of Music, Mr, Joseph Edward Harper, A.R.C.M., A.T.C.L., of, 98, Green Lane, Barnburgh, was successful in gaining the Diploma for Pianoforte Teaching. Mr. Harper, who is the youngest’ son of Mr. and Mrs. John Edward Harper, is employed on the electrical staff at Barnburgh Colliery. Trained by Miss L. Foxon and Mr. C. Cantrell, of Sheffield. he is a well-known musician, and his latest success is very creditable, for he is only 23.

He secured his A.R.C.M. a year ago, and made his debut at the Victoria Hall Sheffield, last year at a piano recital, when he was given a good reception for his rendering of the Bach choral “mortify was by Thy Grace,” and a Chopin Interlude.

Mr Harper tells us he is will be pleased to assist any competent orchestral or choral body