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Attack on Rent Collector – Bag Containing £250 Taken

January 1938

Mexborough & Swinton Times January 14, 1938

Attack on Rent Collector

Bag Containing £250 Taken

Goldthorpe Outrage

Since last Friday the police in the Dearne District have been searching for the men who attacked and robbed the Goldthorpe rent collector, Mr. Percy Laver (55) (picture) of 259 Furlong Road. Bolton-on-Dearne on Friday night.

Mr. Laver had just finished collecting rents from the Dearne Urban Council’s housing estate at Goldthorpe. He was making his way home across Welfare Park when in the unlighted park he was knocked down and his bag containing about £50 in cash was stolen.

Mr. Laver was able to make his way to a house in Washington Road, and to give an alarm. He then collapsed.

Three stitches had to be inserted in a wound in his head by Dr. J. Adam of Goldthorpe before he was taken home.

Mr. Laver told our representative that he was in the habit of crossing the park each week after making his rounds. He remembered three men passing him, but after feeling a sharp blow on the back of his head, remembered nothing with any distinctness until next r:orning. He has been rent collector to the Council for 14 years.

The police have searched the Park thoroughly but up to now have found no clues.

As a result of this attack the Finance committee of the Dearne Urban District Council have decided that there shall be a reorganisation of the methods of collecting.

The task of the police has been made more difficult because Mr. Laver has been unable to give complete descriptions of the men who passed him before he was attacked.