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Assault on Goldthorpe Woman.

August 1928

Mexborough and Swinton Times August 31 1928

Assault on Goldthorpe Woman.

A serious assault upon a Goldthorpe woman was described to the Doncaster West Riding magistrates on Saturday when William Royston, a Goldthorpe miner was summoned for assaulting Ethel H. Evans (married). There was a cross-summons by Royston against Mrs. Evans, Samuel Fudge, miner, and Ernest Crossley, miner, for assault.

Mrs. Evans said that on August 11th Royston her next door neighbour, went home drunk and seeing her used bad language, climbed over the garden fence and chased her into her house, where he got, her on to the floor and tried to strangle her. Neighbours came to her rescue. Royston then said he would come back at night and cut her throat. Evidence was given by Crossley and Fudge. Who declared that they went to the Evan’s house that evening and stood at the door. Royston assaulted Fudge dragging him over the garden fence. They did not assault him.

Royston’s version of the affair was that Mrs. Evans use bad language and hit him on the face with the flat of her hand. She practically dragged him into her house and flew at him “like a wild cat.” He simply warded he off. When he went home later Fudge, Crossley and a gang of men sprang at him, knocked him down and kicked him. He was still under medical treatment in consequence of the injuries he received.

The chairman Mr. Mark Nokes, said the Bench were satisfied that Royston had committed a serious assault on the woman, for which he would have to go to prison for a month. The cross summonses would be dismissed and the parties bound over for six months.