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Assault in Court – Sequel

June 1927

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 06 June 1927

Attack On Husband.

 Sequel to Assault in Doncaster Court. 

A woman’s attack on her husband in the presence of the magistrates inside the Doncaster West Riding Court was recalled at Doncaster  Saturday, when Anna White was accused of  assaulting her husband, John 11. White, miner, of Goldthorpe.

The parties were concerned in a matrimonial case last Tuesday, when the magistrates decided on the husband’s application to discharge a wife’s maintenance order. Husband and wife were making their way out of court, when the woman seized her husband by the hair.  Several police-officers interfered, but the woman struggled till she almost swooned.

On Saturday Mr. W. R. Crawford appeared  for the wife, who tearfully pleaded guilty.  Mr. Crawford expressed the woman’s apologies for her conduct, which he said was very much to be regretted.

This woman is a Belgian refugee,” said Mr. Crawford. “Belgian and French people are more emotional than English  people, and the stress, worry, and anxiety of the  case were such as to cause her to give vent to  the sudden burst of temper.” He asked the magistrates to treat her as a first offender.

The Chairman said it was a most serious offence to commit in a court of justice, but they would take a lenient course.

Defendant would be bound over for 12 months.  The husband was warned to keep away from his wife.