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African Grey Parrot – 31 Years Old

March 1928

South Yorkshire Times March 2, 1928

This African grey parrot, which belongs to. Mrs. Maunders, of Strawberry Villas, Goldthorpe, was bought by her brother from a sailor on Liverpool Docks over 30 years ago and given to his mother, from whom it is a legacy. It is surely one of the most cunning members of its species. It is a particularly eloquent bird and has a gift of repartee which takes one’s breath away. Only the other day a visitor to Mrs. Maunders was discussing a business, proposition when the bird suddenly rapped out, “That looks silly.”

Occasionally the bird is rather a source of worry and even of discord. Some years ago he caused trouble with the milkman by developing the habit of “clicking” the man’s horse away down the street while he was delivering on round. The bird is a perfect mimic and can imitate all kinds of sounds with remarkable exactitude. He is particularly good at electric horns and car hand-brakes.

His favourite diet is Yorkshire pudding, which must be forthcoming every day on pain of tempest, earthquake and civil commotion.

A “Times” reporter called there the other day and the parrot’s mistress told the bird to show him some of its tricks, but it was in a sulky mood—”No, fed up !” it snapped, and nothing more could be got out of it.

The bird is 31 this year.