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A Bird With Every Mod Con

August 1968

South Yorkshire Times August 3, 1968

A Bird With Every Mod Con

Three or four weeks ago, people living in Hangman Stone Lane, High Melton, gained a new neighbour—Jack the jackdaw. He just appeared one day and he has been living there ever since, for he has an injured leg and has found that being fed by the neighbours is much easier than searching for his own food.

Jack is particularly fond of playing with the children. “He goes into the toy cupboard and pulls out quite heavy toys,” said Mrs. Camm from No. 9.

Her son, Alan, who is five, is a great friend of Jack. All the children in the area feed the bird. He will eat anything, but he loves biscuits. Apparently he also likes to be clean, for he frequently takes a bath in the spray from Mrs. Camm’s kitchen sink.

All the comforts are available at Hangman Stone Lane. Every night the inside sill of one of the bedroom windows at No. 7, the home of Mrs. L. Hobson, is left vacant for the bird. Is it any wonder he seems to be quite happy with his new situation and gives every appearance of settling in permanently?