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A Beautiful Model

May 1928

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 28, 1928

This is a photograph of a working model of a latticed pit head-gear, complete with steam winding engine.

The model, which is constructed throughout of brass, has been built by Mr. Percy Martin of 88, High Street, Goldthorpe, an engine winder who has been employed at the Hickleton Main Colliery for 33 years. Mr. Martin has taken ten years to construct this model. He has worked at it in his spare time, having fitted up a workshop in his cellar, and has only just completed it.

Every piece of brass which has gone into its construction has passed through his hands. Many of the darts have been cut out of solid brass, and where castings have been used these he been made to his pattern and specifications. The model is 53in. long, 91.in. wide, and 42.in high.

The small ladder leading from the base to the top deck alone took a month to construct.

There are in the model 100 stanchions, such as those shown in the railings leading up to the pulleys, and every stanchion has been cut, turned, and screwed by Mr. Martin, who has also made every screw and rivet used in the model.

There are 59 steps in the gangway leading from the engine house to the pulleys. The engine is driven by steam, and is complete with an indicator which registers to a depth of 36ft. There are two cages, each of two decks, and the cages are fitted with bull chains and safety chains, as well as with the well-known “butterfly” safety device.

It is altogether a remarkable model, beautiful to behold and constructed with exquisite patience and accuracy.