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Highgate Stack Fire Burns Throughout Week-End

January 1940

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 13 January 1940

Highgate Stack Fire Burns Throughout Week-End

The smouldering stacks and damaged barn at the Highgate farm fire.

A fire which broke out on Friday and continued to smoulder throughout the week-end, did serious damage to four stacks in a Dutch barn at Highgate House Farm, Highgate, the property of Mr. Ben Slater, of Holly Grove Farm, Highgate.

The four stacks, two of un-threshed wheat, estimated to contain 12 tons of grain, one of clover, and one of straw, were completely ruined.

The fire was first noticed at about 1 p.m. on Friday by Mr. George Robinson, sergeant of the old Goldthorpe fire brigade, who notified the Goldthorpe section of the A.F.S., which arrived under the command of Captain Cherry at about 1-10. The flames had a good hold on the stacks when the fire brigade arrived, but they did creditable work in getting the fire under control by Friday evening. The terrific heat of the tire when at its height, blistered the cattle shed doors at the farm, the cattle being fortunately removed unhurt, and the fire also did extensive damage to the roof of the barn.

On Saturday and throughout the week-end two auxiliary fire men were left on guard to ensure that the fire did not break out again. When Mr. Slater arrived from Holly Grove Farm the stacks were well alight and the A.F.S. were endeavouring to gel the fire under control.

How the fire started is a mystery to Mr. Slater, who lost his year’s work in the conflagration. The damage is understood to be covered by insurance.